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Andrew McMahon inspired art <3

Andrew McMahon inspired art <3

comingoutjournal asked: Hello, I have just published your submission (also added a link to your YouTube channel for other videos in series) and wanted to thank you for the contribution, as it does matter a lot and helps & inspires others. I am sorry it took a while but I was out of country for a while and that's why. Thanks for your understanding and please feel free to share more whenever you want to and I'd be glad to post them on the blog. Take care.

Hello :) Sorry I’ve just moved house and had no internet hence not getting back to you sooner. Thank you so much :) I’m glad you thought it was good enough to share :) xo

Love it :)

Love it :)

encirps asked: Yupp, it's 'Your Woman', and I don't mind:) Joy is amazing and her songs are all beautiful and they deserve to be listened:) So if you give me an email adress, I can send it to you there.

Thank you SO much! Obviously I will buy it on iTunes when it is finally released as well to support her but this would keep me going till then :) Thank you xo 

encirps asked: Hello! I just watched your video about Bethany's new single, it's really nice to see other people still loving her work and supporting her. You mentioned that you don't have the CD she released last year. It's not a very long CD, it has only 7 songs on it, two of them already being officially released, but it is BJL and it's always nice to listen to some of her new works, so I thought I'd drop you a message and offer that if you want to, I can send the tracks to you.

That is amazing!!! That’s so sweet of you :) Is it the ‘Your Woman’ Album? I managed to find a place to buy ‘Then Slowly Grows’ so i’ve got that one but yeah I’d love you to send me the tracks if you wouldn’t mind :) Also thanks for watching my video, glad you liked it <3 xo

So this is me, just in case you were wondering. #BigHairDon&#8217;tCare

So this is me, just in case you were wondering. #BigHairDon’tCare

So a new Bethany track has been released and I think, as always, it is fantastic. Then again I could list to this woman sing out a shopping list and think it’s the best thing ever. Her voice is just THAT amazing! If you haven’t already, check it out and buy it on iTunes :) xo

Here is the link to the Tumblr I mentioned:

My thoughts and feelings on Andrew McMahon’s new track ‘Cecelia and the Satellite’ ) xo